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Trouble teens: How to Deal With person affected with Narcissistic Disorder

The following article is based on my first hand experience with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Here’s the true story; a manager of a mental health club approaches me to support a young man in his 20’s who is interested to learn Arabic language. I didn’t […]

Mental illness-Can someone guide me?

Can someone guide me? I am going to convey a message to all parents the importance of developing your child with affection and constant communication. A wrong turn and aggressive approach may lead to a scar of a child’s life and may lead him to […]

Tips to resolve trouble teens

  A resolution and tips to support parents facing trouble teens. The never ending struggle to correct teens causes headaches and a worldwide issue, making parents knocking the doors of doctors and consultants, hoping to have instant remedial. But by looking in deeper, it seems […]

Trouble teens-How to handle teens

The previous article trouble kids-whose fault is it? The article pointed out some lessons on teaching your kid about decision making skills and effective reading. We also discussed the benefit of open question as a show of concern. The objective of this article: How to […]

Trouble kids- whose fault is it?

Objective: an introspection approach for parents to be more concern regarding their children, some blunt mistakes that swept the children away from home and get involve in unhealthy habits. The question in my mind: are this trouble kids from low income family or whose fault […]

Divorce issue-I need help

The divorce issue-I need help Objective: An approach to understand; the divorce issue-I need help, regarding family life and policies at home, and how to resolve some of these issues. Scenario: I am going to tell you a real life case .. read more “Recently […]

What happens after marriage

What happens after marriage? Objective: A marriage insight; what happens after marriage, and the resolution to the mariage. Before you sign on that doted line, you need to know his profile. How? With eVerify online criminal background checks, you get answers to your questions on a person’s […]

Life is boring- try to make a change

Life is boring- try to make a change

Life is boring- try to make a change objective: a comprehensive solution to handle bordom when life is boring, it starts from you-try to make a change “ The scenario: a Chinese woman complains, about her daughter who came home after school without noticing that […]

Life is boring-eradicate boredom

Life is boring-eradicate boredom Tips and programs to make a great life and eradicate boredom, for you and your family. And manage your life The normal scenario than happens in our daily life; Some students returned home, bored with no activity, pick up the controller […]

muslim marriage question:

muslim marriage question: Spy on him ( part number two) Hi , I’m back (terminator style). The previous articles you have just learned about searching for the right partner in life, of course it starts from you. The next relevant step; to this knowledge is […]