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Islam moral value

I committed fornication, Please help me?

I committed fornication, Please help me?

I am involved with a girl who always wants to be close to me. We are so involved in the love affair and did adultery. I got married but still contact the girl, I feel really bad towards by pious wife. Please help me, what […]

Mental illness-Can someone guide me?

Can someone guide me? I am going to convey a message to all parents the importance of developing your child with affection and constant communication. A wrong turn and aggressive approach may lead to a scar of a child’s life and may lead him to […]

I need help-I am addicted

Objective: To counter attack addiction facing our youth, understand the real problem and resolving tips to stop addiction. I need help-I am addicted There are many resources regarding this topic; however the author of this article wanted to add some sizzle to the topic by […]

Abortion: Do I have to do it

Objective: Support and question regarding Abortion: Do I have to do it? An insight to the problem faced by our society and a solution to avoid abortion. The choice promises a better destiny. Q: The increase in abortion rate, why? Boy friend pressure; forces you […]

Smoking in the month of Ramadan.

Syeikh Muhammad bin Sholih Al Utsaimin rahimahullah, from  Unaizah, Saudi Arabia; stated clearly the feasible moment to quit smoking in the month of Ramadhan.   Question: Some Muslims stated that smoking do not nullify fasting, the logical  reason is smoking is not considered as food […]

Old age; the moment to face reality

Old age; the moment to face reality

What happens when we get old; Let’s witness the moment face by most old man Watch this video, try to visualize as if you are the one suffering in the hospital bed, will you cry, or will people sympatize you. let’s face it, it is […]

Tattoos-Should I tatoo in Islam

A question often asked is “Are tattoos haram in Islam ?” The Answer is that permanent Tattoos are Haram in Islam and the Prophet of Allah has cursed the person who has tattoos done on them and the one on whom tattoos are done. It […]

Neglecting solat

Neglecting Solat Out Of Laziness Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Salih Al-‘Uthaimin.       The scenerio in some countries; “our young generation neglected friday prayers, they preferred to mingle with friends and not attending the friday sermon, if this situation lingers on, it means they lack […]

Islam; What does moral value implies to man

What does moral value implies to man? The quality of a person does not depends on qualification and certification, and his great speech and quotes in an assembly of great men,  or the magnificent car he drives and fantastic house he owns. These are material […]