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Arabic books

Equivalent to CERF A 1
Who may learn this book?
Beginner with no prior knowledge of Arabic words.
Transliteration included and English translation
Step by step dialogue from simple conversation
Equivalent to CERF A 2;
Who may learn this book?
Student who learnt basic Arabic and has some prior knowledge of Arabic words.
Transliteration included and English translation
Step by step dialogue from simple conversation













There are lots of foreign language book to learn, but sometimes a person who wants to learn language course are confuse, to  where to start.

Question: Which language course should I take?

Before buying any books or enrolling in a course, you need to ask yourself the reason for learning that foreign language. Let’s assume you want to market products or collaborate with other countries. or perhaps your job in an embassy or foreign affairs, thus getting a new language  definitely helps you to survive in a foreign country.

Question: I think it is difficult?

Hah, nothing is easy in life, but in language the younger your age, the better it will be, because you get a head start in your career or business. and years to master. but the time you know it, you mastered a language and speak like a wind.

What’s your reason for taking Arabic learning course and buying an Arabic book?

There are lots of book in the market, but which Arabic books to choose and contented with the purchase.

  • Get an Arabic book which is easy.
  • Arabic transliteration
  • translated to English
  • FREE audios.
  • Step by step learning Arabic course
  • emulate the speaker
  • practical expression and speaking Arabic


Question: Does this book works for Arabic beginners?

Yes, Of course, We have been using this Arabic shortcuts series in a university and the ministry of foreign affairs. We also collaborate and published these Arabic shortcuts series for a secondary school. I would sincerely say; that students who revise and speak Arabic on a daily basis, practice reading letter and scripting. These students will be successful in Arabic learning course journey.

Disclaimer:  If you intend to buy but not serious enough or not committed to utilize the tools in speaking Arabic then this book in not for you.  

All these benefits in our Arabic shortcuts series, Get hold of this Arabic learning book, and go through an easy topic by topic course with FREE audio Arabic  files. Hey dude! you need to send me email for a FREE request of audios. Amazon did not print this for you, just to save you some money. At least you can spend your money to worthwhile things. By the way, this book do not cover Arabic script writing.


If you need a tutor one on one course, you may contact me, but the course will be quite expensive, current charges for a tutor, 50 dollars meeting outside, maybe McDonald, KFC, etc. but getting to your place or office 60 dollars. Group study or corporate will be much cheaper. most probably 120-180 dollars an hour. however if the corporate has about 15 students, then the company saves money. GET our books “Arabic shortcuts” series with FREE Arabic audio send to you without any extra cost. It may not be FREE in the near future. I am just investing in your Arabic learning course.