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Hi guys,
In lesson 2, you learnt the phrase: “how are you”. Today we will learn basic phrase

What’s your name?

Here are some ethics when asking their names,
Dos: Be polite at all times
Never do this: Shaking hands with female colleagues or offer your hand or sitting beside a woman which is not your spouse.

Here it is today’s lesson 3:
1 masmuk (What’s your name?, when speaking to male person)
2 isme (My name is ..) this word can be use for both male and female.

When you introduce yourself to a female person

This is what you say:
3 masmuki (What’s your name?)
4 isme (My name is ..) this word can be use for both male and female.

Let’s assume this is the first time you meet a person and you do not know his or her name.
For best practice is by adding a word (kareem) at the end of point no: 1 & 3

Here is an example:
3 masmuk kareem? (What’s your name?) kareem means honourable/respected person. This is use when speaking to a male person.
6 masmuki kareem? (What’s your name?) When speaking to female person.

How to close the introduction:

7 ana motashar-rif bi ma’erefatak ( I am please to know you)

Let’s assume your new friend introduce you to some people
The basic word to use is the demonstrative nouns such as:
8 Hadza (this for masculine)
9 HaziHi (this for feminine)

Your friend will use the name of the person.
10 Hadza Yusuf
11 HaziHi Salma

To approve the introduction you need to say;

12 marhaba (Hi/hello) or
13 ahlan wa sahlan (welcome)

To reply just say:
14 Ahlan bik (you are welcome)

Please go through this lesson and perhaps I will add some more articles.
Take care