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I committed fornication, Please help me?

I am involved with a girl who always wants to be close to me. We are so involved in the love affair and did adultery. I got married but still contact the girl, I feel really bad towards by pious wife. Please help me, what should I do?


Moz replied: The road is like a trap, once you get into it, it becomes deeper and it is a big sin in Islam. Whereas love is a blessing,

First; I am saying this to bachelors. Be pious because Allah is watching you and the angels writing your book of deeds. Getting involved with a woman is like glue stuck on your hands. NEVER express love to someone without marriage. What if the day you did this sin, is the last day of your life, and you didn’t repent.

Second; Satan is always there between two couples and engaged them with all the illusion, sedition, started with introduction to a woman, smiling and talking the nicest things which may not be true, holding hands, being alone together. And lastly Satan laughs at both of them for doing fornication. They succeeded in ruining your life.

Third; You betrayed your pious wife and people around you, as if you are the best husband who did good things towards others around you, but deep inside you are a large scar which Allah knows whatever you do.

So how’s the resolution?

  • Delete her phone number and get a new number, and stop contacting her.
  • Repent and start doing good deeds to replace the ugly side of you.
  • Supplicate, to make you strong and hinder you from doing sins.
  • Believe in Allah, the angels, the prophet, the books, life after death and good and bad deeds.
  • Self reflection; If my children do this thing, what should I do? If my spouse does this Zina, What should I do?. Oh Allah, I repent and promise that I will not engaged in this ugly sins. I make du’a so Allah protects my children and my spouse from sins. I rest my hands to fully depend on You my Lord.
  • Come closer to Allah , to His mosque, just pray and make du’a. Oh my Lord, show me the true path?


The Day of Zina

Q: What’s your reason for not engaging in adultery?

Dear Sir, Marriage is a trust between me and my spouse. I have travelled to many countries alone or on business trip, but I said to myself. I hold the trust given by my spouse and I should respect that trust. Infidelity is not in my mind, because someday the secret affairs will be unveiled and it may disrupt our marriage for the past 30 years.  I looked at my spouse and ask this question: What does it feels like if someone betrayed you? I personally think it will be hell on earth. I think marriage is a contract with an objective to procreate and lead a wonderful family life. The blessing is bestowed upon humans but not to engaged in fornication and destroy the family with your own bear hands.

Allah Said: Don’t come near it!

Q: Why do people got involve in fornication?

  • Fornication is a wide spread phenomenon which statistics stated about 1/3 of marriages with partners betrayal.
  • They found it pleasurable without taking into account the effects of it.
  • Influence by movies and the xxx files.
  • Opportunity to cheat their spouse

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