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7 review tips and learning tools to reinforce your Arabic skills


Your Arabic skills

  1. Listen to native speaker speaking and emulate the phrase

One of the best ways to learn Arabic is to listen to native speakers over and over again until you understand what they are saying. With that being said, Books included with audios does help you to pick up pronunciation from a native speaker. It’s not surprising, then, that “Arabic shortcuts” offers a line-by-line transliteration and translation features that lets you listen and emulate every word and phrase. Words will benefit you, if you speak and practice daily.

  1. Practice voice over using voice-recording tool to emulate and improve your pronunciation

Listening to your own voice seems awful. No one likes to hear themselves recorded, but it is a great way to perfect your pronunciation! Record yourself and compare against a fluent speaker. If you sound different, repeat after the fluent speaker until your pronunciation matches the speaker’s phrase. Download Audacity which is FREE, it has a great voice-recording feature that makes recording super easy. Never hesitate or be shy about your pronunciation again. Get hold of a headphone with a microphone. And practice emulating the Arabic speaker.

  1. Emulate recorded conversations.

You need a strategy to learn Arabic. The latest technology with a range of mobile phone may do the trick. First read the book and grasp the meanings of phrases. Second; listen to the native speaker. Third; start recording your own voice. Repeat every line till you master the language. If you have a friend who is also learning Arabic, then it will be much fun to record your voices and play again. Create scenerios as if you are speaking to an Arabic person. You might even laugh at your voices, but having fun is a key to enjoying a fruitful journey of grasping Arabic language.

  1. Constant reviews

I had a Chinese student who wanted to learn Arabic language because he was deployed to Oman.  The course runs for 5 hours a day, included in the package are reading and writing Arabic script, not to mention practical speaking on a daily basis for just one month. I was surprised that he can speak Arabic well. The reason is; he told me that when he reached home he will revise his Arabic for another 2 or 3 hours a day. THUMBS UP Mate! A diligent student who reviews and pick up words and phrases will definitely gain understanding of the language. The process is simple; you only need to save the audio files to your mobile phones and if it lacks memory, just add more memory. Or better yet use an Android USB to plug and listen on the go. There is no excuse to your learning process. The more you listen, the more beneficial for you. Ah.. the same complain: “I am tired”. No compromise in your learning journey. Only the strong survive.

    The book is explained by the author the use of simple phrase. and actually situation in the Arabic continent. Written in modern Arabic language.
    Who may learn this book?
    Must have basic or beginner knowledge of Arabic words.
    Transliteration included and English translation
    Step by step dialogue from simple conversation
  1. Read with line by line notes.

Currently you use to read and write English. Hey! That’s easy, but the challenge becomes apparent if you started to read and write in Arabic.

Every line in the book needs to be mastered. Observe and practice reading and write words to format sentences.  Remember, at the beginning nothing is easy, but via diligent you will master Arabic.

Write every word in Arabic with the strokes. It can be a fatha, kasra or even domma. Of course in terms of grammar there are rules. This book does not discuss grammar specifically but slowly at some of the units.

Every time you read or speak. Your pronunciation will be intuitive as you start to understand some of the Arabic phrases. Construct words you format it into sentences, and use it in your speech.

  1. Reinforce new words.

Write a composition in Arabic using your own phrase, however if you are stuck with words, just go to Google translate. But bear in mind, do not use Google translate to translate sentence. Use it for word by word translation. Before writing your own sentence, please ensure that you have mastered the spelling. It will benefit you as if you are writing a letter to someone, or to practice speaking. Try to write and use the phrases every day.

  1. Think in the Arabic language

To learn Arabic or any foreign language is to think and speak using that language, without translating in your mind from English to Arabic. The Arabic phrase is sometimes said to be the opposite of the English phrase. Let’s assume I want to say: Mandarin Hotel, in Arabic the phrase will be Hotel and then the word Mandarin. Example: Funduq mandarin. When you see a sign board, do you know the meaning in Arabic? When you want to say a word in English, what’s the meaning in Arabic? Be creative. Write and paste new words on the wall where you seat on your laptop.

  1. Get an Arabic Tutor

No word can explain the tremendous benefit of a tutor to assist you speaking the right intonation and correcting your sentences. So what do you think the price of the course? Well, a personal tutor one on one; is about 50 to 60 dollars an hour. Imagine a 72 hours of complete level one. But some courses can be about 150 hours; this is a complete beginner course.


The second option is to learn from a self help book. If possible get hold of our Arabic Shortcuts series, now in Amazon, kindle or Google play. To learn is like investing your education, the more you read, the information you learnt will benefit you. Invest in some of our “Arabic shortcuts” books.

Just learn simple dialogue that can be applied at any situation. big fonts for easy reading. The book is explained by the author the use of simple phrase. and actually situation in the Arabic continent. Written in modern Arabic language.
Who may learn this book?
Beginner with no prior knowledge of Arabic words.
Transliteration included and English translation
Step by step dialogue from simple conversation

Question: How much is exactly the cost of a book which has MP3 audio files?

Hmm, It depends how much you can afford. The price for voice over artist is about 2000 dollars. .. But I promise you if you get the “Arabic shortcuts” series, I will personally hand over to you at no extra charge as a gift for you to learn Arabic language today. Take this opportunity. I may change my mind and charge about 25 dollars per CD. Hopefully you guys take this advantage of a life time.

Currently we had published “Arabic Shortcuts 1 & 2” which is equivalent to CERF A1 & A2 standards. We had just edited the Arabic shortcuts 3, but still waiting for voice over process which will start early March 2018. and perhaps in the month of July/August we will be releasing  Arabic for Business communication. this book is considered readable for intermediate levels of the CERF B1


Arabic course lesson 1

Arabic course lesson 2