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Arabic Grammar book 1

I have just release this publication out at Amazon and kindle. Take a look at it as a learning platform to further understand the Arabic rules. However this book focus more on grammar and not conversation.

What’s inside this book?
I have broken up this book into 10 units of and easy approach to understanding Arabic which is written in English. Examples are written in Arabic plus with transliteration and English translation. this is a methodology to create and easy learning platform. behind the book is an answer sheet for students to refer to, of course after to solve some of the questions.

Learn Arabic Grammar

Who may read this book?

  • Adults, journalist, students, teachers etc
  • beginner level with no prior knowledge to read Arabic words.

Why I wrote this Arabic Grammar Book?
Here is the link: 
I took an Arabic course but it was frustating for me, personally because I don’t have an Arabic language background in my school days, however taking the course was quite challenging to me. I didn’t understand much about grammar and worse yet, I couldn’t speak much the Arabic language, but I am determined to master it. I know how to read Arabic. Later on, I learned more indepth of the Arabic Grammar, and I think you will become crazy reading it, because it was tough. However, I have wriiten an easy to follow Arabic Grammar book for you, as a gift. It is worth a journey learning the Arabic Grammar.

Who should read this Book?
1. The reader have no prior knowledge and has some skills and ability to read the Arabic words
2. Some basic reading ability before purchasing
this book
3. Suitable for degree students, aspiring journalist,
4. Able to read Arabic newspapers

What’s the benefit of acquiring Arabic grammar skills?

1.The book describe some basic concepts and rules with lots of example, consists of transliteration and translated to English designed to support non Arabic learners.
2. The Arabic learner will understand basic fundamentals of the Arabic sentences and able to follow and apply rules.
3. For person interested to work as translator or interpreter in a Hospital or embassy, may find this basic book an essential to understand Arabic.
4. The most important about this Arabic Grammar book is to practice in writing and read aloud so as to boost your knowledge with actual Arabic skills and translation application.

Contents of this Arabic Grammar 1 book:

1 Demonstratives
2 Relatives
3 Prepositions
4 Question Tools
5 Negation Tools
6 Exceptions
7 Adjectives
8 Kana & its sisters
9 Enna & its sisters
10 The Past Tense

Features of this hand book:
1. size: A5 that is 5.5″ x 8.5″
2. easy and handy to carry anywhere
3. Lots of exercises, and loaded with answer
4. English Translation with transliteration
5. Glossary

Here is the link: