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Arabic course lesson 2

Hi guys,

The previous lesson was about saying how are you. today we will learn basic phrase when meeting someone.

What to say when you Meet someone

Most Arabic people are nice and they respect visitors. Knowing a little Arabic may open up boundaries and relate to other customs and cultures.

Here it is today’s lesson 2:
1 Marhaba (Hi or hello)
2 reply with the same phrase; marhaba

Usually when you enter a shop or meet someone you will here some of this phrase:
3 ahlan wa sahlan (welcome)
4 reply by saying; ahlan bik (you are welcome)

Phrase number 1 till 4, can be use for both male and female

The next lesson is a recap of lesson 1;
5 male: kayf haluka? (How are you(m)?
6 reply: Ana bi khair (I am good)

there some version to say (I am good/or I am well)
7 to reply: fe ahsane ma yuram (I am well)
8 another version of this reply: ana Tay-yeb (I am well)

The numbers 7 & 8; are replies that can be use for both male and female.

Let’s observe actual scenario:
9 male: kayf haluka(m)? when speaking to a male person
10 reply: fe ahsane ma yuram (I am well)

female: kayf haluke(f) when speaking to a female person
reply: Ana tay-yeba (I am well) for the female version, you need to insert ‘a’ at the end of the word
whereas for male ‘Ana tay-yeb’ without inserting ‘a’. this is due to gender forms in Arabic.

Please go through this lesson and perhaps I will add some more articles.
Take care