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speak up and practical guidelines for success

LEARN Arabic  Grammar

This book is written by the Author and website builder of this website. The author is currently teaching at a University for master degree course in Arabic linguistic. Reading this small book is part of a development process to speak up your thoughts confidently. because in most of our lives, we need to say something. especially in today’s vibrant economy where multi skills and ability need to be sharpen, with a simple reason that socializing and communication is vital to express needs and our thoughts.

Practical approach to public speaking skills. The author provides with tips of speaking confidently. It starts with preparation of the script, imagine speaking in front of a lot of audience, The author talks about the hot air ballon experience that change his life journey. A must read book for all levels: aspiring students who need to make a presentation, managers and teachers to enhance their presentation skills.

Learn Arabic Grammar


Why do you need to read this book?

You see, although you may never have occasion to stand up on a stage and give a big speech, better speaking habits will give you a tremendous advantage in your personal relationships and, later, at college and in your career.

So, while discussing public speaking, we’re going to also make lifelong impressions on many other issues that frequently confuse us. Here are a few examples:

  1. What is the nature of that anxiety that we feel all the time, and how can we learn to cope with it?
  2. How can we nourish our capacity to love and be loved?
  3. Why do we find making decisions so troubling?
  4. How can we improve our relationships?
  5. How can we turn our skepticism into an optimistic outlook to life?
  6. How can we boost our self-confidence?
  7. How can we start thinking and speaking more clearly?
  8. Why is our posture and body language so important?
  9. How can we make the right kind of friends?
  10. And several more subjects like that

Friends, Are you ready for a great learning adventure? Are you ready for some fun? Come aboard your hot air balloon and let’s do it together! GET T H I S BOOK

Learn Arabic Grammar