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How to cure Migraine-Tips

I suffered migraine attacks since the age of 9 years old. The pain is unbearable and I would vomit. I have taken paracetamol as a pain killer to relieve the pain, but the pill has never cured the migraine attacks. I am writing this article to share my thoughts supporting others who may suffer like me.

My first advice to you is to stop taking paracetamol because it may cause side effects and deteriote your health.

Types of migraine.

  1. Aches on the shoulders and necks; Message this area with ginger ointment to relief the pain. Covers area behind the ears, neck and the area you feel pain.
  2. Flickering of lights from small and covered your sight, at this point it is dangerous to drive or cross the road because you couldn’t see, plus the unbearable pain. This attack takes 1-4 days to go off.

Here are some tips:
When you feel pain listen to this audio. I have formatted it as an mp3 audio file.
1. Baca Surah Al-Fatihah (1kali)
2. Baca Ayatul Kursi (3 kali)
3. Baca Surah Al-Ikhlas (3 kali)
4. Baca Surah Al-Falaq (1kali)
5. Baca Surah An-Nas (1kali)
6. Baca Surah Yaasin ayat ke-58 (3 kali)
7. Baca Selawat atas Nabi SAW (3 kali)

DOWNLOAD MP3 FREE (It is save to download this file, no cookies or virus)

Play the audio, while listening hold both palms of your hand on your head, especially the area you feel pain.

More tips to care of your health for those who suffered migraine.
When you feel the pain you need to do some of these things listed below:
• Take a warm bath, rubbing your neck and shoulders.
• Take a nap to ease off the pain

If throbbing pain due to the lack of the flow of blood. Rub with an ointment. Next kneel down, your head on the ground, procrastinate. Kneel for a couple of minutes to let the blood flow. A congested blood may cause stroke.

Pluck 7 pieces of hibiscus leaf and submerge it in water, put the leaves in a bowl and place it outside of your house overnight to get it mix with dew water. Next step crush the leaves with your hands. Place the leaves on your head and wrap your head with a small towel. Do this therapy many times.

Taking care of your health:

• Try to avoid caffeine, smoking.
• Exercise to trim extra baggage of fat.
• Eat a balance diet and on time. Avoid fast food.
• Take vitamin C, Gingko Bibola at a pharmacy.
• Breathing exercises in the morning; breathe in via your nose and focus the blood to flow to your brain. Hold your breath for a moment and release slowly. Repeat this procedure.

I hope the advice regarding migraine benefit readers, If you know people who suffered with migraine, then send a link to this site. Perhaps it help somebody in need of help.

thanks, take care.
writer x6admin