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Purpose of life


what’s Islam Life’s Purpose?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Objective: I am writing this article to find the secret of the missing link in life, realizing the misery that most people are living; this article is for Muslims and for those searching for the light. The light may be difficult to find because the media is painted with abstract defamation. And the hearts of men trapped in the joys of this short life.

“What is the purpose of L I F E?”
“My l i f e?”
“Your Li f e?”

A true story of my friend; who was searching for real truth in life, He decided to try many religions and myth but still could not find what he is searching for.. One day as he was having food on the table with his family, his son suddenly ask: “Dad what is our religion”..He replied: “Well son, I will look into it.” He was serious and decided to do some research; He has no idea about Islam or ever had a Muslim friend. So he travelled and came to a place with large doors, and he saw an old man, who is about to close the door, he said to him: let me in.” the man look at him and refuse, But he insisted, placing his foot between the doors, at the end the old man let him in.. do you know what he found. These men were sitting in circles and invited him to eat; they were actually breaking their Ramadan fast, after that the men prayed in rows to perform the solat in congregation. He was amazed that these are great men who fast in Ramadan (not eating or drinking from 5:30 am till about 7:20pm) (Ramadan is fasting about a month) and performing solat. On wards, after learning about Islam the whole family revert to Islam, Alhamdulillah. Allah is most merciful and forgiving. Great! he is saved from hell fire.

Some people wandered in life not able to answer this question, but by the time he spend searching,…his time frame expired. He goes to grave.

Q: “What is the purpose of life?” and “Why are we here?”
Since they couldn’t find the answer it becomes smudge and unclear, because their hearts are filthy and surrounded with people who has no vision in life. So life goes on.. with music, rap, hip hop and monkey dance. Got in love, married and have kids, they still couldn’t find the answer.

You might be amazed to learn, that Islam is providing clear and concise answers for these questions.

Is there purpose in life?
Let’s hear some opinions. There are many different answers to these questions, due to different in thinking, cultures, and approach to solutions.

O: Well, sir we should utilise our life, engage in more joy and happiness, why worry, when we are old, there is always room to repent and walk the right path.

O: Some may state, his belief in his religion as the truth and will return to paradise, because there is salvation.

O: The priest, the media, the scandal against Islam… all of these corrupted information, works together to bombard Muslims and scattered seeds of hate towards Islam and Muslims. If they are right, there should be proof. The question:

Q: what if the media confronted a wrong vision of Islam?
R: they replied so what, who cares. It is not about my life or my love ones, why should I bother?

A: Hey!, That’s right, Islam has nothing to do with you, and why should I care about Islam and Muslims, they are just unfortunate people, the western world are against Islam. Ok guys.

Some insight regarding this confrontation;
The Death of the West, Patrick Buchanan wrote, “The West is dying. Its nations have ceased to reproduce and their populations have stopped growing and begun to shrink. Not since the Black Death carried off a third of Europe in the fourteenth century has there been a graver threat to the survival of Western Civilization.”Buchanan also states that one of today’s greatest problems is the rapid transfer of large blocks of people; mostly from the Southern to the Northern hemispheres. One concern is Muslims going north into Europe. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. United Nations statistics claim that by 2050 one-half of the world’s population, under the age of 21, will be followers of Islam.

So what happens to the western society?
Statistics on rape
How about abortion rate?

Q: Is there a cure or solution for the global sickness?
A: Well, the more a person indulge in unhealthy activities, it becomes rooted and hard to escape from the clinch of addiction or bad groups. Our teens crave to be rappers, whereas the rappers wanted to be criminals and life of evil. The young generation inflicted with drug abuse, porno, adultery and the list goes on..

Why? Did we ever stop to think a moment? perhaps these activities are actually prepared for our young generation. Main reason; the strength of a nation stands in the hands of our youth, if however their virtues are poor following behind the latest hot music or artist, watching the latest movies and downloadable videos. Spending precious time twittering and FB, not the least games. Our young are occupied, they never think about these questions: Life after death, meaning of life, purpose of life? Who cares, just enjoy life!

Why? Everything they need is just in front of them, prepared to be eaten (MacDonald)

The young generation has been a good student in school and a beloved son at home, but at 14 the child change, following his colleagues with a happy go lucky life, what? Drugs, smoking, gambling, girls….
Parents scramble to find answers to their unsolved problems ….tit..tit SOS .SOS no answer…engage tone…. even though you call 911 for help no one will help you in this issue…..




Q: Do you think there is a solution?
R: Well, We put the child in jail, cane …

A: Sorry sir, it wouldn’t help a bit, why? The internal and spiritual of the child is smeared and painted with problems at a young age. Divorce parents, disturb family nucleus.
Let’s search..keep reading..

X6admin: “Dear beloved reader; I am trying my best to answer these questions, but to retrieve an easy solution to a complex situation may be tough for me, but I will try.. I am not perfect and may make mistakes

You see the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in the year 570 when ignorance is the fundamental blocks of the Bedouin people; life is tough confronting with war between tribes and unrest. People at that time worship idols made by their own hands, whereas looking at other countries like India, the worshippers knelt with different forms of god.

In one of the war Islam vs the Roman empire; a typical soldier from the troops of Saad Abi Waqqas when to the tent of the Romans. He came with his horse, took out his spear, when he reached the carpeted tent, he stuck his spear on the carpet and drag it till he reach near the rulers, looking around he notice the people bowing at the rulers. The ruler stated: Why do you come out to fight? If you are poor, we can give food to you. The Muslim soldier stated confidently: “We came to release man from worshipping each other and to only worship Lord of the Universe. We Muslims have never bowed or knelt towards the other Muslim” it was a blow to the rest of the people in the tent, what this man is saying, is the truth.
These words is like thunder to all mankind, we came to release man from submission and obeying man made religion, oppression of rulers, to the freedom of thinking and worshipping the only one God who owns the universe. Saving mankind from slavery to man and oppression of rulers.

A: isn’t that a choice to rethink the path that man has taken? Perhaps people can divert and take the right move in life?
You might ask me a question:

Q: So what’s for you?

A: Well Sir, personally I have no interest or reason. The light is shining for those who search for the light; there is only one God who bestowed the virtues to you. He has given you a brain to think, the eyes to witness, a heart to affirm truth.

and surely, we have created many of the jinns and mankind for Hell. they have hearts wherewith they understand not, they have eyes wherewith they see not, and they have ears wherewith they hear not (the truth). they are like cattle, Nay even more astray; those! They are the heedless ones. Quran 7:179

The truth would not unveil unless a person searches for God in his life, searching the purpose of life. My reason is simple: is to share what I have found, that is the love of Allah the creator of the universe and Islam the way to live. I have never felt contentment in life accept in worshipping the real God who owns the universe, paradise and hell. The escape from worshipping man made concepts of God has been a relief to me. And I think most Muslims agree to this. But verily to find truth is not to look at the Muslims because as humans the Muslims still make some mistakes. Dear friend, reading the quran and the saying of the prophet Muhammad indeed will save your life, and suddenly out of nowhere you find that purpose of life, is to abide by Allah’s commands and total submission to HIM.

You would not realize this..if you look deeply within yourself, you definitely find the answer. You are created magnificently with functional parts of the body, complete with eyesight to witness the creation of the Lord. Have you not seen the skies, has any of it drop to the ground, Have you not seen water that fall from the rain, is it salty? The wood that you burn to keep you warmth, did you plant the trees? Didn’t you know that man starts life from water in the womb of his mother? Do you know..due to the love of God to mankind, Allah send HIS messengers and a book (quran) for you to read, the quran will inform you the real truth from the story of prophet Adam till prophet Muhammad PBUH. You will never lose reading this message from God of the Universe.

Destiny of life
It is destine that life goes through a process of transmission; man are created from spiritual world, 9 months in his mother’s womb, a short span of time about 50 – 80 years, died, in grave for years, The whole universe cease to exist, resurrection for many years than they have to walk across sirat muntaha; is a bridge crossing hell, and later it is endless life paradise or hell.

The short moment in life on earth is specifically accountable; weighted by deeds, no deeds sorry sir… please enter hell.

The prophet has shown mankind the only one route to success; is to follow the straight path to paradise. To be successful in the hereafter needs a strong faith in God, deeds. The angles will never ask you regarding your certification or degrees. The angles will request your solat, and later look at your other deeds.

Dear friend; “don’t be carried away to the latest hot news, and music but focus to search for the light and gain access a key to paradise, if you couldn’t find light, then at least supplicate so God may show you the true path.”

Your life has a purpose; it is worshipping the true God and way of life in Islam, which will make you and family live in contentment.”


The last reminder


The angle of death


There is no tomorrow

Our only purpose and salvation lie in these two words.

We must come to know our Creator, Sustainer and Ultimate Judge. We must learn to believe in Him, thank Him, praise Him, honor Him and worship Him, alone without any partners from His Creation. We must learn about His Messengers and Prophets, peace be upon them, and the message with which they were all sent. We must learn the Word of God as was directly revealed, preserved and memorized and passed down by memory throughout all the generations of Muslims to the present day.

Those who are in search of truth, having open minds and hearts will recognize this as a message in truth and sincerity. Open your heart and your mind now and ask the Almighty God of the Universe [Allah] to guide you now to His True Way. And then be ready to accept your true purpose in life.