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How to develop youth to be leaders for the next generation

Objective; it has been a great waste to see our students effort not deployed to focus on their future, searching for success using a stick like a blind man. We need to realize their potential with effective presentation and professional research work, to lead and show our students the route to success, but the future, we noticed a boulder of rocks stretching across the path. The question is; can we bail our students out of this predicament. It is a great challenge to force executive struggling for the light at the end of a cave.


Scenario 1:
I was discussing with a friend, he is a director of an Islamic college, He told me that he had talk over tea with a Muslim minister regarding youth affairs, Discussion topic: How to develop youth to be leaders for the next generation, He requested the minister to think over the possibilities towards such concerns; developing successful youth to play a bigger role in the community.


I stated to the director; “Sometimes we usually support the clever guys who gets A’s in their final examination, well, it is relatively easy for an intelligent student to succeed plus the ability of the parents to support financially, but the challenge lies whether we could support the middle type of students who perhaps get a passing mark of 60-70% results. This group of students sometimes neglected and usually ends their school path mostly technical base education, or perhaps after years in school ends his career as a waiter in a restaurant, But personally speaking life is not about good academic attainment, there are more opportunities for career path, but unfortunately the potential are closed to certain students. It is a pity that the rest of the students, need to find their own route or formula to succeed.’
‘Sometimes schools do not teach life skills or real life situation that the world is facing.’


What we really need; is to develop our students with financial and motivational support, with more schedule programs; focus on problem facing teens to career path, because the ability to visualize the path with excellent presentation skills gives an everlasting impact towards the students. However, I have not seen yet, such activities, the fact is that such motivational presentation needs professors or great speakers to influence the audience, topping it up with some financial burden to the school or college, nevertheless schools need some sort of financial support or government funds.

If we have drug abuse in our country; we need to make arrangement with a consultant to talk about drug abuse, if the challenge is about teens pregnancy, then we need consultants who have intensive experience and skills to negotiate and impart some knowledge to the students,
We can go on talking about smoking habits and the significant impact on lung cancer etc.

I realize a holistic approach to students is not in class, sometimes school would not even consider activities out of school boundaries, the reason, perhaps extra work to pay for insurance, meetings, burden creating such programs. Creating out of the box educational ideas or teaching methodology. online learning platform or social interactive discussions and forums.

well, it is true but you can always outsource programs and not forcing teachers to toil the whole week in school activities,



Some people ask me this question: ‘Should my child study in an Islamic school or the public school?’

That’s interesting! Let’s zoom in to this question:

Islamic school: No doubt, it is a good school which emphasize on moral value, Islamic studies, Arabic language adding an extra curriculum or science subjects. I was in Australia for 6 months, and figured out the great benefits of these Islamic schools in the society. You know; for the upper levels, it has vocational and designing course, I visited one of the Islamic school in Springvale and

I was astonished. The school has a gym complete with the latest gadget, an indoor basketball court, and an auditorium hall. I couldn’t wait and pop up a question, ‘where did you get the financial support?’ The vice president of the school stated; the government support funds to this school. BAAM. WOW! That’s new to me. Usually Islamic schools are private own, and supported by members of the community, it struggle to survive hoping for donations and offering empty tin cans. Do you know, what’s the price tag for building a school? Come on make a guess? Perhaps it is about 5 to 18 million. Yeap! Roughly that amount.

Did the school monetize? No, education is expensive.
Did you know that special need students in an Autistic school cost more? Per class only 3-4 students. How much are you willing to pay? 1 teacher the price tag: 1800 x 2 teachers=?
One teacher the other one assists the teacher. It is expensive.
Thank God for His blessings upon you. Be grateful.

An audience commented ‘I was listening to a public speech, the audience is mostly parent.
The director of an Islamic school stated the school’s objective; is to release scholars for the nation. I sat down and pondered; what in the world, are we going to produce scholars who work in a mosque? Such school is handicapped and would not succeed.’



Dear article writer: What’s your opinion regarding public school?

Dear reader, I am writing this letter as a concern towards the future of our students, Public schools apparently are more focus on important subjects and target to achieve and deploy students to take up diplomas and later a degree. The school is usually supported by government funds and has good and professional teachers in many fields of subjects. It has a potential to produce better student academically, but on the other hand the lack of ethics value. Sometime the influence of peer pressure may lead to stagnant students or unproductive future.


I was on a bus to broad meadows station with my 16 year old son, the bus stops and some students enter the bus, my son was shock at the behavior of the students. One of them was lying down at the back of the bus. The other guy was screaming at his friends. Woow!



Let’s probe further with a comparative discussion between both schools;

Public schools; The emptiness of spiritual and moral value may create unhealthy behavior or character, but it can be replace with activities; such as taking up course in the evenings or Sunday schools, learning religion. It may be Christian knowledge or Islamic knowledge. We need to instill spiritual knowledge as an internal strength and motivate students to view information or ideas on a different perspective. The school on the other hand needs to be more stringent implementing policies and rules in school. I was in Singapore recently and standing on a bus station. A plain cloth security officer of the school will walk around the blocks of houses to catch students who loitered or smoke outside the school, I ask a parent about the school policies. The parent stated that, the school has a parent contact or meetings to check on students out of the school activities. The security officer will check on the students activities such as; smoking, gangsters, hair code etc.

Islamic school: it lacks the advance teaching system, many subjects and lack of focus on important subjects; such as math, English, science. These are fundamental subjects to enter diploma course. and due to many subjects in school, students lack behind in these subjects. The school need directors who has wisdom and vision the ability to deploy students on a better future. but I noticed that some of the students are neglected to search their own path in life, but these students has great potential and ability due to memorizing skills and knowledge of a third language.


But the verdict……..

Whether your child is in a private Islamic school or public school, the role of parents as exemplars to the child is most vital in the process of learning. Concern parents who support with motivational approach and developing a learning ambience at home, with proper and time management will succeed. Achievement is not academic goals but should be holistic with moral values because if a student deprive of these values may create chaos when they go overseas to further their studies.

The importance of learning a third language or outreach programs for students to understand other societies and cultures. This experience is to prepare students for global interaction.
Both schools need to provide an immerse learning journey with hands on experience, opportunities, holiday camps, internship programs, trial and error. The objective of these activities is to provide our youth with relevant skills and understand life through the perspective of other societies. Do not live in a nut shell and think it is save, over protection and being naïve can hurt them. Let’s assume the youth is from a wealthy family, he doesn’t know what is it like to be in Africa, poor, living in huts, feeling hunger, poor water source. This learning journey will open their eyes in real life situation facing poor countries, what it is like studying in a school with no tables and chair. What a heck is this?
Our youth who went to such learning discoveries will appreciate life better than those students who just read academically. Words written in books could not be exchange with experience gain on site.
Such as building houses for the poor, supporting mercy relief to countries that are struck by tsunami, helping the injured in camps supported by Red Cross. There are a lot of life skills that our youth should learn, not to sit handicapped on the sofa playing games or surfing on Face book, fiddling nonstop on the phone, why? No activities. Or perhaps he mix with friends ending up smoking without parent noticing the change.
Our youth are over fed with too much luxuries and doesn’t understand or empathize, neglected poor people.




Q: OK, but what if the students has problem at home?

Well, I have just written a pretty article, but the situation at home can be beyond imagined. But in case it happens; How to resolve such situation?

Adding to this program; a conditional situation which trouble students may face at home parent who are going for a divorce or constant problem such as drug or alcoholic addicted parent. In such cases urgent remedial should be taken, and the student aided for social support. The role of relative to ease the student’s social burden.



Developing youth needs six fundamental pillars:

  • Government financial & social support
  • Ministers who thinks and lead with wisdom and vision
  • Capable teachers or professionals who receive professional salary
  • Professional scholars to mentor the students
  • Effective programs on a quarterly basis
  • Parent and teachers contact time
  • Company or businesses which open their doors for new internship
  • Economic Boards of the country that do research and focus on expansion of the economy.

Lacking one of these fundamentals means the school may be running on walking stick.


Government financial & social support

The role of government is vital to provide financial & social support; investment of capital and human resource. It is an ongoing process of motivational effort and funding students to progress, providing equal opportunities to all students.

Ministers who thinks and lead with wisdom and vision

Well paid ministers, should tick harder, with more vibrant ideas, working for the community, supporting social needs, and speaking up ideas to improve the society.

Capable teachers or professionals who receive professional salary

Well groom teachers with professional salary, and open discussion on many topics resolving students’ issues. The need to create programs and youth activities, so the students understand life better and displin to save guard their interest.

Professional scholars to mentor the students

Mentoring is a motivational approach and discussions regarding life, it is feasible to train students to be team leaders and given responsibilities in school, this role help to build confidence and build a bond between friends and teachers. Lessons are conducted through open questions; the objective is to develop a holistic approach in education and developing a broad knowledge and wiser vision in life.

Parent and teachers contact time

The collaboration between two parties supports the development of the students; Teachers need to know the students activities at home, parents need to know the school programs or circle of friends in school. Parents need updated information and the progress of her son/daughter. There should also be a consultation service for trouble students.

Company or businesses which open their doors for new internship

Students who took a three year diplomas are given internship opportunities, or some gets financial support to further their studies, The government may even ease tax deduction to companies who provide such financial support. This will boost students’ confidence to take up a degree course, and focus more on their studies. There should be a presentation on career path which leads to a university degree or masters.

Economic Boards of the country that do research and focus on expansion of the economy.

The objective of the economic research is to gain access to potential jobs and developing a strategic approach to cater demanding needs of the economy, and developing new ideas or projects. Besides this approach; the economic board and college should open up talks on career path and future programs, the more information given to parent and students regarding job potential, the more choice and brighter future for the students. The development of a nation depends highly in research work. Nevertheless investment in R & D will be a hefty cost to many countries. But there should be no compromise in advancement of technology.
Research in a niche business needs great thinkers and marketing strategies.