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Trouble kids- whose fault is it?

Objective: an introspection approach for parents to be more concern regarding their children, some blunt mistakes that swept the children away from home and get involve in unhealthy habits. The question in my mind: are this trouble kids from low income family or whose fault is it?


A group of school students visited their friends’ house; the dad entertains them and started to us question regarding their examination results, some fail math and science, some just a pass for some subjects. One of the kid stated that having a 50% marks is considered ok, and their parents are contented. When they are about to leave the house. The dad probed; what time are they coming home. The students replied maybe about 10 or 11 pm. He stated: “It is really late for students because tomorrow you need to go to school”. However the students blurted saying; my parents do not bother whether I go to school or late, they never bother to ask me.


I interviewed my sister in law regarding her elder sister was divorced; her children now aged 16-19, they are still studying in college, however the children did not received any financial support from the ex husband. Both partners vanished, not concern about the welfare of their teenage children. So the students usually stay out with friends or hang around shopping mall.



These trouble kids-whose fault is it?
I wonder at a young age their lives are faced with internal unsolved problem, how on earth could they survive the next generation of building a great society that benefits the nation.
Ironically stated; the involvement of parents is a building block and a fortress to save guard our kids from over exposure and challenges, painted in abstract art in life. The kids who loitered around places may get involve in unhealthy habits and behavior; involvement of drugs, ecstasy, and the minimum is starting the smoking habit.



These trouble kids-whose fault is it?
Is the kids themselves, parents or society. What’s your opinion?

Email: dear sir, parents’ responsibility is not merely providing food and beverage, but the most important duty is to lay bricks of moral value and education. I believed though some parents provide the best form of moral and financial support, influence of parents and peer pressure may impact heavily upon our kids, how in the world can we monitor them!, I can’t spy on them every day of my life, or get a bouncer to follow them to school or I couldn’t afford a baby sitter to look after my teenagers.

Email: hi x6admin. Thanks for your great articles, and have been watching your site and enjoy much or your website, but this article encourage me to speak up. Well, you see children spend most of their time in school, probably from 8am till 3pm, some teenage especially during the examination period may stay late and revise their studies with friends. Getting to know friends on the opposite gender is normal, because life demands us to mix with people, and this gives an opportunity for them to know others or life may become bored staying at home. Nevertheless educators and teachers should play a big role in supporting students’ needs.

X6admin: Dear friends; thanks for your concern and feedback reading this article. I greatly appreciate your opinions, adding sizzle to this article, however, I will explain further.. please read..


A resolution to supporting trouble kids-whose fault is it?I assume that some readers may blame on parents unconcern attitude, some may point at teachers, and some may scold the trouble kids. May be some will shoot more emails to the writer of this article. Firstly, I personally want to say gratitude to the reader of this article. My point is; the more information you get, it does benefit you.





Building a strong bond
Well, readers, I do not mean putting glue or tied them up with constant phone calls or sms. Building a strong bond starts at a young age; by developing trust.


How to develop trust;
Talking to your child things that interest them, about their toy cars, watch a video about fixing cars, hot wheel, new release toy cars and so on. Go to the park; get involve playing with them. After the activities get some feedback; whether they enjoyed the game or activities. The child will be enthusiast to answer most of your questions. Why? Because he is excited having fun with the games.


Get rid of boredom;
Go to the shopping mall, what! Buy new apparel! No, no..

Ok sis, we are going to the toy shop. Why?
We are not going to buy anything, first you need the child to make a promise, no purchasing of any toys, we are just scamming over some toys and have fun. The child will be happy. He will look at the latest toy hot wheel cars, he will show you, hey mum, this one is fantastic isn’t it, just say something or nod you head. After going through the shop about 30 minutes,

Or go to IKEA.hey not to buy furniture.
IKEA has a small playground, service rendered by courtesy of IKEA as an approach to get customers coming in with their children. Great the child plays with some new friends and taken care by some friendly staff. You just go around IKEA to get small things or just window shopping, this will rid of stress, you get your sister to come along with you, and you can chat an enjoy shopping just like a sightseeing of the latest model and you know, it’s FREE.

If you want to buy a present for him, it is ok, but you need to teach him comparative skills, choosing and comparing two toys, which one is better. Why? You are preparing for him the ability to decide, because life needs a lot of decision making. He needs to make the best choice.
Later drag him to the book store; here you need to get the books he likes. Read these books at home before bedtime. Get some books that he can read, with pictures and big words depend on the age of the child.


You have just taught your kids’ two skills:

  • Decision making
  • Affective reading

The benefits from these activities:

  • You build trust and bond with your child.
  • FREE sightseeing activities and chat with your sister or husband



Policy and rules

Sit in a circle; you will open up a discussion about house cleaning duties. You need to explain that scattered toys may cause mum to step over it and cause it to break into pieces.Talk to them persuasively to nod and agree with your comments. If the child thinks that the toys are his assets, he will definitely agree to your suggestion, because it is for his interest and benefit.

You need to instruct your child to clean up all the scattered toys or mum will pick it up and throw it into the dustbin.

The kid will definitely clean and place in on the shelves or boxes. You need to have a store room or toy box for easy storage. Any arguments arise at home, must always be resolve logically and tactfully. Avoid using harsh words or beating the child.



Talk about the child’s interest
Show concern by asking about his school, his teachers, and friends. Hey Joe! What did you do today in school? What activities? Do you have computer lessons today? What did you do? Ok mum I love the computer racing games, it’s great. Oh. That’s good!
If your child returns home from school, enquire about his needs, did you eat in school? Yes mum, what did you eat? Spaghetti, that’s delicious.

Never point any blame or accuse your child, if he did something wrong or talk back against you, debating and disagreeing. try let him explain, and listen attentively. Give him a chance by listening to his problems and try to give a logical and supportive argument. Try to be on your child’s side and not against him. if argument after argument explode at home, then trust will be lost, and you are losing the game. GET his trust by talking and showing concern with affection.

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Build this bond between parent and child at a young age, because if you are unable to communicate well with your child, it will be much difficult to do so when they grow up, and it will be worst when they are teenagers. GET his trust!

The request for information by making enquiries, develop a bond between parents and child. The child knows if he comes home, there will be some things that he needs to speak to his mum, any topic. What are we going to this during the holidays? Cycling, walking, buy groceries, toys are us; hey that’s a good one.

Ok I’m exhausted; I will continue writing my next topic;

How to handle teens..coming up next