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What happens after marriage

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What happens after marriage?

Objective: A marriage insight; what happens after marriage, and the resolution to the mariage.

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Guess, what actualy happen after mariage? Aiya, I think you know, I know la, kung fu fighting ti ne ne (that’s the way the song goes)

UFO zooming in to hit target (Alien) Alien vocabularies (jk#&<. ?!!@@) Aha wait!, what’s that falling? Your house wall is falling…o no help…it’s to late. KA BOOM comic style.

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  • The first year………. Steady go lucky, everything is wonderful, Hot chocolate served with toasted bread, plus a smile, and the wander word (Sayang! I love you)  it means in English Dear, I love you)
  • The second year in marriage…………… busy at work schedule, rushing to punch the clock ….
  • The third year……………. Busy driving as chauffeur sending the kids to school. Life is happy always on time.
  • The fourth year ……. Expenses are increasing with hospital bills, utilities, tax, buy bigger house, bigger car, the stomach also getting bigger in size ( I mean the husband not the wife) He looks more handsome with unshaved beard, and now getting snobbish. Heavy smoking, puffing like Thomas train.
  • Twenty years of marriage, whew! The income is not enough; the wife needs to return back to work after years of absence, to support the family. Besides that doing extra chores at home. Wow! This is crazy, never thought this thing will happen to me. It did.

Relax….. life is easy….

What a heck! The memories are relative short, after the wife gave birth to numerous babies let’s assume in this scenario 4 kids. Everything starts to change dramatically: the wife puts her two hands on her waist shaking it of course as usual and the right hand with one finger pointing at you. No more words saying darling cute cute…. Just short words: Hoi! Send the kids’ la to school, brush their teeth; what are you waiting, always wake up late! Nag .. and more nags…. No more heroic adventure, just plain slavery.. I think?


Haiya! It sounds like thunder striking through the night with screams daily. Our hero; just driving his new car in his sleep and suddenly waken by thunder. Wow! Please be patience.

this is the life: welcome dear bachelors to this crazy hectic life… It is happy.. Do you think so? Come on guys, give me a break.


What’s your opinion?

Sir, the scenario that you have just stated may not exist, maybe; due to family problem, drugs, alcoholic… etc the line goes on and on…


Well sir, I am married and life as usual working 9 to 5.


Dear fellow and beloved bloggers: Listen! Did you remember the day the guy comes in to your house and interviewed you in the previous lesson? Did you remember?


He stated clearly to you: Are you ready to be married? It is a tricky question.

But, you said: Yes, I am.

You prepared the best wedding ceremony of  a life time, you smile and giggle with joy, but unfortunately your mum cried all through the wedding, wandering how my daughter can survive, she is still young and doesn’t know how to cook..Why never inform me about this, I should have married a chef.

Your mum came just to listen; Yes, I will accept him as my husband. but..within couple of years somethinng change…

Why? You pointed all the blame upon your husband and the marriage.

Dear sis; A married life is the most wonderful life in your history, due to the fact you are developing yourself to be more responsible, and creating a new life. Your own family, when you came home from your tedious work; you will state to yourself; this is my home. It does not matter if your home is small 3 room apartment with simple and cheap items or bigger private homes. It is about you and home management.


Some would definitely point the blame on the spouse or children. It is you!


The solution to what happens after marriage?


First a rule of thumb: Both of you are sharing this family, obviously sharing in most of the chores and duties, putting all the burden upon the wife is misery and unjust, some husbands are egoistic. He wants to be in command without lifting a finger at home, the wife drills the wall to put on a picture frame, the wife repairs the kitchen sink because the tap is dripping. The wife mops the floor and washes the clothes etc …… he doesn’t know how to knock a nail in the wall. Aiya, what should I do? Makan hati la, sakit hati (it means a pain in the neck). He doesn’t play or teach the kids, aiya! He is a pain in the neck (lousy husband)


The husband still in honeymoon mood even though married for ten years.. What’s ticking in the wife’s mind, do you know?


I guess: she hates you. This is not the type of married life that she wants.


You are such a frustrating person, without consideration towards your spouse struggle, staying at home with the entire nuisance.


Come on guys, stop this and think;


Have you ever considered if you are the wife,or perhaps your daughter facing this situation, struggling daily, without a payday or monthly salary, every day she needs some money from you to buy groceries. Your attitude is really bad, come on guys! I know you change and help your wife.

The solution to life after marriage:


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Next topic: How to be a useful husband?


There is a phrase in Malaysia language; it states: Jantan tak guna ( in english it means: useless husband)

ps; hey! please don’t tell your friends about this phrase, why? they will beat me up for this info. ayoo yo tolong! alamak