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Life is boring- try to make a change

Life is boring- try to make a change

objective: a comprehensive solution to handle bordom when life is boring, it starts from you-try to make a change

The scenario: a Chinese woman complains, about her daughter who came home after school without noticing that the mum is in the house. She stated; it seems that I am invisible at home and nobody respects me. She also cited that she was impressed with her Muslim neighbor, every time her children came home from school, the kids will shake and kiss her hands, when her husband returns home from work, she will kiss his hands; this kissing of the hands in most Muslim families are signs of respecting one another. The younger will kiss the hands of the elders.

Ho!! What is this sir? is this people gay?
Respecting means a lot: It would mean appreciation towards the elders, obedience by the rules and regulation at home, basically if you respect the elders, you will be respected. So the lesson is to teach ethic values. You know in most American movies the son will call his dad as John: hey john! How are things going? At the movies always show us a happy family life. Come on guys, is this really true, or maybe it is true. …I personally think the Americans know best to this answer.
So what is the comparative between the Muslim families? I will try to explain a little bit before going to our main topic.

• Implementation of moral values starts at a young age.
• The importance of parents as exemplars for the kids.

Second scenario:
The mum is in the kitchen shouting at the kids to do their home work, at the same time cooking and scolding the husband for being late from work, and she nags for doing all the dirty job.

Did you notice what happens in the first scenario?
How about the second scenario?

I am going to make a phone call. Teet ti did it. Trut trut… Trut trut Hello! Hello!
Well, I am waiting for your answer…..teeet teet boing…..
It seems the phone was hang up on me..ha the guys ran off from answering that tricky question.
In that case I have to answer my own question;

OK, here’s the answer;
First scenario: signs of disrespect
Second scenario: lack of moral values and miscommunication.

Life is boring- try to make a change

Let’s start our next lesson: rule number 2
Implementation of moral values:

How will I start this lesson? Well, I am going to explain the meaning of moral values. It is the development of a person to have a high level of behavior and character, towards himself and those around him, at any place and at any time. These values are practice daily and become part of his character. Let’s say; it is difficult to smile, with practice the nice smile express internal happiness and tranquility. Do you notice, if a person smiles, it lightens the heart but if a person grumbles and frown than his expression will convey a problematic person.

So what are the types of values?

Try to give a smile whenever you met someone, a neighbor, wave your hands at your neighbors when you pass by them on the streets, when you pay for your groceries at the counter, say: thank you with a smile. Saying thank you to your spouse for her hardships; taking care of the kids, saying thank you to your kids who clean the mess. Etc..etc…
The wife says gratitude to her beloved husband for bringing in the groceries, with a smile and a kiss.

Hey guys! What do you think about this phenomenon, in this family?
Wow! That’s a lot of change, that’s the way, aha aha… I like it, aha aha… (with music)
Ok, what is happening here?
You see, my friend; whenever you smile and say thank you to your wife citing her hardships, at that instants all her hardship for that day drains off, because she is doing it, for you.

If the wife says thank you with a smile and kiss: Darling thanks for the groceries, I know you had a hard day at work. Here’s a cup of hot cappuccino for you, close that sentence with “I love you”, touch his shoulders. At that moment all his anger, despair and tiredness goes off. He came home to see his wife and kids. If the wife appreciates her husband, than you would not find your husband wandering around with crazy and sick girls at the bar and jumping like monkeys to the latest hip hop.


Life is boring- try to make a change

Q: The wife always nags?

This is a sign of stress burden upon her shoulders, due to daily monotonous activities; she breaks up by nagging at people around her. Nagging is a sort of complain;
Solution: you need to sit down with her and discuss face to face, what’s actually disturbing her thoughts. Be a person who solves problems with a consultation rather than exploding with anger.

Next values:
Topics that we will discuss next week:
• Supporting each other in the family
• Communication skills