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Life is boring-eradicate boredom

Life is boring-eradicate boredom

Tips and programs to make a great life and eradicate boredom, for you and your family. And manage your life

The normal scenario than happens in our daily life;
Some students returned home, bored with no activity, pick up the controller and start playing the normal game on TV or the internet. He shut himself out from the outside world, and become avengers and heroes shooting villains. Or he drives the F1 racer. TV series with multiple channels.

Parents stress after a hard day at work, still need to do house chores. OK, guys I need a break, cleaning a house may take about 2 to 3 hours, of course depends on the size of the house. Any suggestion?
The mom at home taking care of 4 kids; dragging her son age; 7 to school, the other daughter age; 5 to a kinder school, carrying a baby and pushing a cart. She doesn’t look the same when she was 18 years old. Yea! Busy I suppose, cooking breakfast, feeding the child, washing and hand cleaning the floor. Wow! Is this life, is this joy, maybe…..

What about if you have a teenage daughter; She came home you said: hey Linda how’s school, the girl doesn’t reply or look at you, just bang the door shut. Later on you told her to clean the kitchen, she took her bags with some clothes and when off, without saying anything to you, boys are crazy with her beautiful daughter, she is easy…..

The house is in a mess with toys lying around, the kitchen still unsettle yet, the child cried because the elder boys punch him. And the scenario goes on day after day.. wow this is tough!

Do you need help? Go on reading this article.
First I am not writing this article for a specific race or religion, but as a whole for the human race.
Let’s look again at the house situation;
• Students bored
• Parents exhausted
• Teenage daughter has low moral value
• Husband fed up with his work
• The house is in a mess
• The ambience is problematic
Well, you may wonder how I know about these scenarios?
I was in Melbourne, and was  following my friend doing a house cleaning job, well Australia has no maid support plus the aging community.
My friend’s spouse who assists him stated; that some of the wives here in Melbourne has no idea how to manage their kids; this is obvious looking at the mess. Well please don’t get me wrong, this is normal. But the most important question is about home management.
OK sir, do I have to take up a degree course? Ha ha… You caught me.

Tips and programs to make a great life and eradicate boredom, for you and your family. And manage your life

Rule number 1:
Collaboration: Get your spouse to participate in the house activity and share chores equally.
Discuss with your kids; give appropriate instructions for everybody to do the house jobs. Create and write on a board or on paper the chores;
Weekly basis:
Mon-Sun: must clean your own room.
Mon-Sun: the first boy will serve food; the second daughter will wash the plates. Etc. the husband will cook on Tue and Fri.
In the evenings; the wife will teach the son and the husband handles the daughter.
Sat: Cleaning day: each person has his own chores to do every week.
On a monthly basis: dad will cut the grass and clean the garage. The daughters clean the windows, the son pick up rubbish, the husband mop the floor.

Wow this looks like a military drill!

How do you start this?

First open discussion; explain the importance of managing the home and the implementation of a new policy, well we are going into politics. Discus issues at home every week with open communication;
Open up with a topic of your choice. Than request every person at home to give an insight or any questions related to the topic. Summarize, than request of any feedback from the children.
Hey john! You didn’t throw the rubbish last Wednesday. I am sorry mum, I forgot. Later the daughter complains; yea mum, dad didn’t wash his own plates, it is not fair. I have to do all the work. Ha ha …. Well this is healthy because the kids stated to speak up whatever they feel it is not appropriate. We are also training our kids to think critically but with good ethics.

Just an advice; whatever happens at home avoid saying: (/.,1/# @ ??.,>M) this is just some vulgar words.

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We will continue: topic rule noumber 2