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muslim marriage question:

muslim marriage question:

Spy on him ( part number two)

Hi , I’m back (terminator style). The previous articles you have just learned about searching for the right partner in life, of course it starts from you. The next relevant step; to this knowledge is to spy on him.

Do you think this is relevant?

Yes, before any chaos in your life, it is better to be save then sorry.

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Hey, I am not teaching you to be spies, what I meant is to do a much deeper research about the partner’s profile.

I am sharing my views: tips on muslim marriage question and getting the muslim husband.


muslim marriage question:

Question: What should I do?

First to know if the guy is serious, tell him to visit your home and parents, to talk about that matter, (marriage). If a man asks you to date without the prior knowledge of your parents, it means that he is not serious in the relationship and just wants to be itchy and testing the market. So.. do not show that you are cheap, easy to get. Don’t call and chat with him over the phone, hey, this is not a call center or customer service..
When a man comes to visit your home, what do you think his plan?

He comes to actually inspect your home, the ambience, to chat with your parents just to check if he can fit in the family. He is going to meet you personally and ask some question, so you need to be prepared. Hey ladies, please cook something for that special guy coming to your home. You need to prepare a decent food for him, not your mum. Because he is the inspector.. he commands respect.

Sorry sir, I have never entered the kitchen nor knows how to cook. What!!! Sorry miss, you just fail the muslim marriage question; first interview. Better read some high way code for learners driving license, I mean the cooking book. Practice with that fork and pan. No fraud, purchasing food from the neighborhood restaurant.


You need to notice his clothes; looks smart with a tuck in shirt, or flabby pants, just to know his character.

When your parents meet him, try to avoid question such as: Hey! What do you do, what’s your job?

This question is unhealthy, because if he wants to marry it is reasonable that he has a stable job. The question can be insulting to him. Your parents should ask question like this: The education background of the person. His age is it appropriate for their daughter. The parents need to explain briefly regarding the daughter’s background. Please serve some beverage to lighten the atmosphere.

Please don’t ask your mum to serve beverage. You need to serve him, and at the same moment, free advertising for you displaying yourself, please wear decently. No singlet’s please. No,no….or showing off a tattoo, or smoking.

The guy will also ask your parents; what is your origin, what mosque he goes to take courses or perform prayers, and bla bla…. Please create a nice ambience; the place should be cool and cozy.

So the guy comes in the house, he looks at the house settings; such as furniture etc. if the house items are too expensive, he may gauge himself and ask a question to himself; do I fit in to this wealthy family. He may shun away, some guys want to see a simple family life, reason: if his wife to be able to live simple than he can manage with family expense, if the wife to be live a luxurious life, he could not afford it. So he says goodbye to you, there are more girls out there better than you; notice that there are competition in the fish market (girls) so he looks for best affordable fish he can buy. Competition is considered healthy.

He will glance at the book shelves, just to know what sort of books available, or the educational background of the family. Female magazine, interior decoration, it shows the education of the family is relative low with such magazines.

Please avoid talking about dowry, how much to pay, because this is the first interview, don’t sound too demanding and high expectation, there are more process to go regarding this possible marriage. Since this is the first interview, it is best to do some introduction of both parties. And knowing each other’s chemistry. You can talk about dowry in the second interview.

Do not overdo things and pretend, because he knows what’s going on. Act natural and sincere.

He will request to meet you in person, so what should you do?

Simple, prepare the food on the kitchen table; invite him to eat with you. He will ask the parents to come along, but your parents should state that they have taken food, please go ahead.


muslim marriage question:

This is a fabulous chance to do a good introduction over lunch or dinner. He will glance at you from time to time, not to see your beauty, but the feel like a family approach eating together. There will be some conversation over lunch; he will ask you some questions, such as:
What school you attended? Who are your teachers? Your education background, are you prepared to be married. Hey, that’s a good question.

What’s your answer? Say in a confident and affirmative tone, and the reason of your decision. Sometimes the guy has a future plan, and he wants you to come along, and he suddenly asks you; hey sis, Are you willing to travel? That’s a tricking question; if you say no, he will say goodbye to you, because he may be employed in another country, or he is taking a university course and need to travel. So, say… I will consolidate that with my parents, that’s good, good tip to escape from some tricky question.

But if you could not answer the question, and sitting down, without a word, he may think, that you are not suitable for him, because if you cannot answer simple question, how could you solve family issues. And the complication regarding house matters, family, children… please give a decent answer, or you lose this interview, and the opportunity will be given to other girls more intelligent than you.

A hot cup of cappuccino please

I think, after this short course, you girls better get me a cup of cappuccino and burger. We can sit relax, and discuss more topics…. Not to meet you girls, just surf my articles. You might be in USA, UK whereas, I may be in another country. You know a flight ticket can be expensive unless you travel on the small jets, tiger air, fire fly. Luckily there is no dino airways. We are saved from being eaten alive. ARGH! Contact me FREE at email: bizteamup@gmail.com please don’t call me by phone, it adds a hole in the pocket. A service that is free, aiya….,where to get lah nowadays. Everything pay, pay and more pay. The head can be become bald. Do you know, why? Too much problem may cause the hair to  drop off. FED UP.

“Couples reunite every day REGARDLESS of the situation!”

Seriously, Doesn’t that make sense? That if most of us can think of couples that have gotten back together…under even some horrible circumstances…that there could be some hidden recipe, or secret even, to reigniting passion and recapturing lost love?


At the end of the conversation, don’t forget to get his mobile phone or email, say thank you, and inform him to do the solah istikharah 2 rakaat, requesting for guidance, by stating the name of the guy or girl. Perform the istikharah prayers for 3 consecutive days and close it with a supplication. Allah will show you the truth in this matter; By means of a dream or feel. But you should not have any intention towards him, you need to be neutral.

what happens, if that person is your ex fiance?

so what! tackle la; “Couples reunite every day REGARDLESS of the situation!”

You may think he is suitable for you, but Allah knows best. The life of the marriage can be years.

You should ask yourself this question, when you look at him. What’s the question, please, let me know. Hurry! Aiya wait lah sister. Must have patience ( Chinese style of saying English)

Look at him deeply, and ask, if this man becomes fat or flabby after marriage, will I still love him?

  • If he is sick bedridden due to an accident or old age, will I still take of him?
  • If I noticed his weakness, will I forgive him? And show him the path in a nice tone.
  • If an argument explodes, will you be quiet, and listen.


Aiya! My fingers getting numb writing this article, I need a break, it is Ramadan,I  need to think what to cook for today’s iftar, (asam pedas or ayam with chili) any suggestions or reference. Next topic:

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what happens after marriage.