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Smoking in the month of Ramadan.

Syeikh Muhammad bin Sholih Al Utsaimin rahimahullah, from  Unaizah, Saudi Arabia; stated clearly the feasible moment to quit smoking in the month of Ramadhan.

it kills


Question: Some Muslims stated that smoking do not nullify fasting, the logical  reason is smoking is not considered as food and beverage.



What is the syeikh’s opinion about this question.

Syeikh Muhammad bin Sholih Al Utsaimin rahimahullah replied:

In my opinion; this statement has no facts. The fact is smoking is part of drinking (in Arabic drinking means (Syariba). Smoking is considered as syariba ad dukhon. This means that smoking is syariba . The smoke enters the body parts, whatever enters the body and the stomach nullifies syaum. Whatever enters the body is part of food and drink.


It is affirm that smoking in Arabic (syariba), it means drink, but the syeikh do not state that smoking nullifies fasting (syaum ).


Pertaining to the Smoking in the month of Ramadan., it is best to abstain from smoking, so a person needs to have a strong will to quit smoking during this month. He should avoid smoking during the day, but he is free to do other things after iftar. He can eat and drink as he wishes after the iftar. To abstain the smoking habit the person should avoid friends who smoke, because this habit may influence him to smoke again.




It is a great opportunity to quit, Pertaining to the Smoking in the month of Ramadan., it is best to abstain from smoking, so a person needs to have a strong will to quit smoking during this month, if a person stops smoking than he has overcome his weakness, and be a stronger Muslim.


“A healthy body has a healthy mind”.

Hopefully the reader takes heed and advice others to stop smoking.

Taken from  Majmu’ Fatawa wa Rosa’il Ibnu ‘Utsaimin, Bab Ash Shiyam, 17/148 (Asy Syamilah)

Whats the opinion of Dr Zakir Naik regarding smoking in the month of ramadan. watch this video.




How to react if your dad is searching for the light, just to smoke.




Open forum about smoking

I wanted to start this article base on facts because the smokers out there couldn’t see the pack with an image of cancer related disease, I assume they are blind. Any way let’s look at the facts;
I cited this from; http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/health_effects/effects_cig_smoking/

Smoking causes death.
• The adverse health effects from cigarette smoking account for an estimated 443,000 deaths, or nearly one of every five deaths, each year in the United States.2,3
• More deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than by all deaths from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined.2,4
• Smoking causes an estimated 90% of all lung cancer deaths in men and 80% of all lung cancer deaths in women.1
• An estimated 90% of all deaths from chronic obstructive lung disease are caused by smoking.1


Let’s get an interview

and roam the jungle ( I mean tall buildings made from cement and brick)
I have rights to smoke;
Q: Can you please explain; the reason you start smoking?
First encouragement from friends,
Q: At what age did you start smoking?
Most probably 14 years or 16.
Q: What’s the benefit of smoking Sir?
Well! I think,…if I smoke it seems I have more ideas and able to perform my duties better at work… Hey! That’s good. Improve performance.
Q; Do the staff in the office smoke?
Yes! Most of them even the boss smokes.

Hey guys! Do you smoke? ….can’t hear you.. louder please!
Yes! Well that is probably true, during our teenagers; we met friends who pressure us to smoke and later couldn’t stop smoking. Well most big corporate exploited movies stars to show off smoking; such as: cowboy shows; the good the bad and the ugly, heroes fighting villains, combat…. Rockers .etc it seems the world is engulfed in smoke. I hope these guys, do a better job as a fireman, and able to saves life.

What’s the trend now: guess! Yeah that’s right, more women are smoking, and do you know the reason? Trendy and looks sexier. Yeah! That’s right, just a means to get that guy on the street. Good job!


Smoking is hazardous to our health. Let’s discuss this issue?

I will explain my situation at the age of 18-20. I smoke, why? Just to be like an adult. I smoke only 2 pieces a day. Then one day as I was waiting for the bus, I started to think: is it appropriate for me to smoke?


Logical reasoning:

• Health concern, the cost, the hospital bills, and the impact of smoke towards others around me.
• Why do I have to inhale 4000 chemicals supposed to be discarded, but packed in a piece of cigarette?
• I am fortunate to breathe oxygen. Why do I inhale toxic material into my lungs, is it beneficial for my body? Does the material have protein or carbohydrates to support my life?
• What happens if I am near a volcano with the smoke and flames exploding?
• Of course the result is: instant death, because the smoke is poisonous.
• Does a person need to smoke just to show he is an adult?
• I took a bus every day to work whereas the trader who sells cigarettes drives Mercedes Benz and lives in a four story private homes.

Some guys would definitely debate saying: hey sir! If we close the farms or factories that sell tobacco, how can they support their family lives. If the government stops cigars, they will not receive tax from the sales of cigars.

Well, that’s a good one; I am trap with this tricky question. Is there any one to help me answer this question?

I hope there will be a solution.

Jobs and farming can be created to cater for the needs of many countries, whereas the government can change policies to create jobs and encourage research and development programs to support the community. The expansion of market and investment can be widely implemented.

Farming can be diverted to plant better crops and reap more profits. Etc.

I remembered I was in Syria. A billboard has a picture with a bullet flying through. It stated in Arabic phrase; ikhtar maut sari out bati. The slogon means: “Choose instant death or slow death”

Well, the choice is yours. Think logically and helps others to quit before it is too late, bedridden with hospital bills waiting for death. Please look at your spouse and children; they need you more than you need your pack of cigars.
Think again the tremendous amount of money saves from not smoking.
Think again the money can support education of our students, to attained better future in their life.

Think, action, send this message to your friends as a part of doing a good deed, even though it seems small, but saving a life is really a big issue.

So to summarize:

Does smoking in the month of Ramadan: benefits you?

trut….trut….Hello.. hello.
Yes sir it does, but after taking food I will smoke again. How to stop la?
Easy solution: take a piece of cigar, dip it in hot coffee and chew it, I guarantee solve your problem instantly. Try! No pain no gain (body builder style).
Q:Sir, it not working?
Try this dip a cigar into your coffee and chew it, sure best solution.
Remedy for life.

Q: hello, how is your internship to stop smoking?
Great! Improve tremendously. Well done, bravo to you.

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