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Old age; the moment to face reality

What happens when we get old; Let’s witness the moment face by most old man

Watch this video, try to visualize as if you are the one suffering in the hospital bed, will you cry, or will people sympatize you. let’s face it, it is really tough.


Try make a change!



Old age; the moment to face reality
An approach to reconsider our action towards our old parents, because someday in our life, the time will come when, we will also wittered like leaves falling from the trees, but what happens when we get old?
Never in our lives, as adults and parents slumber in bed or take easy, every day, it is back to work, racing the clock to settle bills and daily expenses of our homes. Chasing that new job to get a better pay load and bring home for our love ones, and make our lives a better place. That strength to work hard comes from within us nonstop to attain the best in life; we laugh and enjoy the luxury of our hard ships.

The parents bought bigger luxurious house, to live comfortably. It is so wonderful and nice to have money always ready; (punching some numeric numbers at the ATM and cashing out.) fresh money from the ATM is like a hot oven ready to use.

But suddenly this body (Toyota Camry) used to be useful for the owners, but it has changed, the body looses energy, and the man becomes weak, for no reason, no fault of his, but it is time, when it stops as usual.


Why? What’s wrong with me?
Doctors came, check.. Diagnose.. ok! Pay your bills at the counter please. How much sir? 40 dollars, don’t worry you have medibank. Thank God!

At this moment of life, most insurance agents will ran away from you. cover their faces like Mr Bean.


Old age, is the moment to face reality, when the body system cease to function as normal, a person’s life is at stake, taken urgently to hospital, bedridden with no one to visit. He tried to call his children, none came, because they are busy with work schedule, no time to seat and chat with the old man who is at the moment with tremble hands and bulge eyes. He doesn’t want the doctors to perform surgery. He hatred it; he pleads for mercy, but no one cares, the children scolded him for being stubborn and refusing an operation. He refused to eat and struggle to escape from bed. He has no phone to call his children. None came. Why?


What has changed us? Do you remember when you are a child; do you remember the hardships he faced to sent you to school? Do you still remember the stories he told you?
Do you remember the time of your life…(music)
What actually changed you? Busy work load, beautiful wife who hates your dad. Your children; who never appreciate the grandfather and don’t know how to communicate with him.

Hey sir! Is this really true; the future that will happen to me?

Sorry for this direct interpretation of life: Didn’t you notice the leaves on the trees, it change from green to yellow then wittered and fall to the ground, blown by the wind, eaten by worms and nobody cares.

Those folks who has made history in life; may be popular and known; such as Chaplin, queens, movie stars…. But after 100 years nobody knows about his profile.

How to manage parents who are old
I am writing this article mainly because my dad is getting older at the age of 79, I went to the hospital to visit him and noticed many old aged people lying in bed, with no one to visit. Some couldn’t eat a bowl of porridge and a plate of chicken. Some staggered to walk with a harness. Some has to undergo therapy. It’s time
Old age; the moment to face reality
You know my dad was in hospital for the past 4 months and others maybe more than him.

You may ask me a question:

Sir why do you write this article,Old age; the moment to face reality)  it is not relevant?

Thank you for your feedback; but the world now is aging rapidly, that is the reason countries need more foreign workers, to pump new blood to sustain industries, without this new energy of skilled labour force, the economy may topple hard on the community. But the increase of more aged care and therapy centres; shows the vital understanding of this dreaded situation.

I am not worried about the old man, my main concern is more towards the next young generation to handle the society, but the question: is it feasible for this young generation to build a great society, or they are just flipping around playing video games on handsets and ipads.

It is a different generation;

But the most important factor is to educate them, leading them by the hand; not for political gains or corporate interest, but to build a sense of humanity towards a caring society.



How do you talk to the old man?
Hey guys! I am giving you some tips to talk to him with wisdom.
• You need to show respect and politeness towards him
• Enquire about his condition what he feels. Did the doctor visit you and say something to you?
• Listen and look with eye contact, nod your head in agreement; avoid any arguments or worse scolding the old man.
• Avoid talking about your interest focus more about the old man interest, listen and follow his conversation with understanding.
• Do not interrupt when he is speaking, because he is using all his strength to talk to you.
• Show a smiling face
• Do not talk about inheritance or his property
• Encourage him to take his medication and do some breathing exercise.
• Giving him a helping hand to serve him some coffee and plain water, because he couldn’t reach it, Ask him if he needs some water to drink.
• Sit beside him, and ask him; if there is anything that you can do to finish up some of his chores. Hold his hand,
• Put your hands over his head to check his temperature; for your dad it feels like a caring approach.
• Whisper to yourself the great responsibility carried by your dad at home and work place.
• Try to remember, whatever he said to you or advice you, Do you still remember when you are still a kid running around the house.
• Try to grasp the last minute of his life with you. He may leave you forever, but are you prepared for his departure. Do not make it hard for him, it hurts badly.
• What’s death? It is a painful surge of spirit leaving the body, the spirit is force out of the body, have you not seen a tree, collapse with roots pulled out and soil disperse.
• It really tough; supplicate for his health, hopefully it gets better.


To summarize our topic:

I would like to conclude: the importance of building understanding towards the old man; but at the same moment you are also educating your children the importance of taking care of the old man, because as time flies by like a wind, it will be our turn to wittered and becomes old. It is the most dreaded moment of our life, but at least you try to do something good with high dignity to understand your parents.

Bravo to you.