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Don’t give up-the forgotten laws of attraction

Don’t give up, there’s still light at the end of the road.

I have just seemed to be dealt the short stick always since I could ever remember. I’m going to be 21 next month but do not even want to see my next birthday? Not really.

my shit streak started back when I was 8 and my dad got cancer and I had to move in with my grandma which over the years, I was molested by my cousin(male) while I am male also, as you would expect quite traumatizing. Before all this my family was close now barely even close at all. My cousin side of the family we don’t talk to which is my mom’s side. i feel like i tore my mom from her parents and sisters like this is all my fault somehow. After court and police, I was sent to therapy and put on antidepressants. All throughout middle school, I didn’t socialize with anyone always, scared I had some disease or would get one which in turned caused me to miss a lot of school.

dont give up

Eventually I grew out of my socially awkward state and started smoking weed for the past 2 years things were great i was finally feeling normal. I had a business with some friends until they cut me out and left me for dead. Now I sit here swamped with debt have a p.o.s car that I have driven about a month, since I bought it last year(not drivable now) dads a drunk. My family hates me. Well what’s the point maybe I should end my own life and let everyone get back to how it was before me

I have tried many jobs, traveled to some places, do some marketing, but it didn’t work well. I feel like a nuisance to my family, my mother in law called me, but I didn’t call her back, because I do not her to bother her. Now for 2 years, still no job.. I don’t know what to do.

I am turning 25 tomorrow!!! I am a divorcee! My marriage made me lose many relationships and ties that I had with family members and friends…nothing is the same anymore. My mother and I do not see eye to eye. Actually she just talks behind my back to my MUCH younger sibling. I don’t even have an associate degree and was expected to be that one kid in Middle school by then. My family are all lawyers and doctors, so I am pretty much shit right now.

I failed in school. I am depressed. I worked hard to get over the failure and now I’m gonna fail again. I don’t really have anyone I feel close to, everyone I loved always left me and now I can’t get close to people anymore. My parents want me to settle but there is no one who would even turn to look at me. I’m not smart, nor am I pretty. I set a few goals for this year and if I don’t make it then I’m not sure what I’ll do…I’m not suicidal or anything but I do wish I could just disappear…

Michael Jordan said:
I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

Give some space to breath,

It is hard to answer this question, it hurts badly…

Every person, in this life, must endure some hardships, from the first step of a child trying to crawl; he drops many times, and cried because it hurts.

The sacrifice of a mother, giving birth to her first baby, the doctor said: you have to abort the child or face consequences of death, because she has high blood pressure. It hurts, but she wants you to live.

Even successful business man has been cheated many times, robbed, but he learns to pick himself up to be strong. Open a shop, failed, pick up, save some money, he tried again and again..still failed.

A man was accused of terrorism, interrogated by officers, humiliated or insulted by this hooligans, he might end up as a crazy man, and mentally ill. He said to himself; I need to be strong, because my family and the youth need me. If he failed to motivate himself, then the consequences will be fatal to him and his family. But none of the officers bother about the impact of that interrogation..No insurance company will support you.. liars..Insurance just want your money..

Sometimes, we think we have a lot of problems, couldn’t solve it, it is too much a burden to handle.

Have you not seen, children in Palestine, they lost their parents, their homes, at the moment living in camps, not sure what’s food for the next day.

Have you not seen countries where tsunami strikes it, families died instantly and it becomes a barren place? And suddenly the child becomes an orphan, no place to live, no love, no parents, and siblings.
It is really tough for the child, but..he doesn’t know what to do. No slippers, just a rugged pants and shredded clothes.

My friend had a private home, his house ransacked by robbers, he was so angry, but when he remembered the orphan child, as he swept his hands over his head, my friend cried, he lost everything he had and the house now, empty, but this child lost his family and home, he has nothing.
Do you know why; some of our teenagers cut wrist with razors.. Because life has nothing to offer, but grieve. The lack of love, divorce cases, there is no meaning in life.

But be grateful;
Have you seen people on wheels; they hope they can walk like you.
Have you seen people who are blind; they hope they can see the light.
Have you seen people that are rich, but their life is full of miseries.

Be grateful for the life given to you. Look at yourself in the mirror. You are the best person in this life. Get involve with trusted friends, sit down talk, let go of the stress and depression. Breath to live, take your time to eat.

If you are a widow; try to get somebody in your life, because you cannot live alone. It is empty without someone to love and talk to.

If you lost your job; try to find another one, contact old friends.

If someone hurt you, via face book, cut off your face book, I don’t have a face book, ha ha.

Watch this video, and try to introspect yourself.

Have you ever wonder the great creation of this universe, with millions of stars and galaxy. From one end of the Milky Way, it takes about 1 million light years to pass through but there are millions more of this Milky Way’s, man yet to learn and discover the creator. With astounding and magnificent show case of the creator’s vast empire, which man seems weak and unable to achieve such greatness?

But what is man?
Man was made from clay and blown within him a soul. Man started life as a form of liquid water, blood, meat, bones and later form into a perfect man. If we are not created, we might end ourselves as animals living in a jungle eating grass or insects, Be grateful, the love of the creator towards man. Without his love, no rain will fall upon us as blessings, no food etc.

Did you know that approximately 4000 unborn babies were aborted everyday. discarded by their own mums, thrown out into the dustbins. there is no love… the dead corpse surrounded by flies…

You are very fortunate, there is someone out there who love you very much… and you survive the abortion.

Do you know that someone who saves your life?

Did you remember the day your mum gave birth to you? She stated affirmatively that she is willing to sacrifice her life for you. blood splatted out when you were born, the first thing she did, is to look at you and hold you tied. She gave a smile because you survive.

did you know that your dad toiled the whole day working for the benefit of the family, but what he gets, is just a bowl of rice and some coffee. The old man who planted rice with trembling hands, working on the hot sun and having a back ache, we never met them and could not even say thank you to those people out there who do some service for our benefit.

Did you remember the teachers who are passionate teaching you and facing the struggle to educate you. He hopes you succeed and become a great man.

Be grateful towards the wonders that the creator bestowed upon you. Know the creator; the lord of the universe will lead you through in this life and after death.

Be grateful for the things that is in your hands, you hold the secret to this life, you are very special. The real love comes from the creator of this universe who created man in the best form. be grateful. There are more wonders out there that you have never seen. open your heart the whispers of truth that lies within you.You live once, make full use of it, to bring happiness. and sacrifice a piece of yourself to benefit others around you.

• Introspect yourself; didn’t I hurt someone. Did I cheated, or lie.
• What are my strength and my weakness?
• Distress yourself, go out, and don’t shut yourself at home.
• Meet people, talk..
• Supplicate to build strength
• Meditate to release stress
• Forgive and forget other people’s mistakes.
• Be strong like a mountain.

I love all of you…… it is nice to know that we are still human, with many unsolved problems.. I am standing with you, and watch over you… take care, love you!

I am missing something in life, what’st wrong with me!

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