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development of individuals

development of individuals

Individuals are the most important aspect of a society because development of a society depends on the individuals. The society transforms into a magnificent society due to the individuals. At this stage of the Islamic revolution, it is best that every Muslims adhere to moral values and enhance himself by adjusting his needs to the guidance of the book and pickup some skills and knowledge. The existences of true Muslims, who practice Islam, open up the boundaries of success. This is an excellent characteristic to develop Islamic personality.
Even though we face the challengers of non Muslims, but the ability to attract and invite others to Islam, is the most powerful approach to eradicate jahiliya and to rise and shine with Islam.

Our main objective is to expand and develop human resource and transform public opinion against Islam. If we manage to change individuals to be good and abiding Muslims, the impact of this transformation will change the society.

Tips to improve the society
Development of youth programs that is creative and intuitive;
The objective; each individuals should bring in one person to join the program, No Muslim should procrastinate time, because the movement of time is a portion of the remedy. “ al waqtu juz’un minal ‘ilaaj wat takwiin”. All these depends on the understanding of the da’i, the urgency of the message and the sacrifice from many angles; it may be wealth, agility and time.
At the stage of development (takwiniyah) the da’I should enhance moral values ( uswah hasanah), by giving good examples in life. Expressing true interpretation about Islam, and should be done with faith and the universal of Islam by showing tolerance to the problems of (khilafiyah furu’iyah).

The importance aspect of dakwa, is to be pro active as to eradicate jahiiya, and giving advice (amal ma’ruf wa nahi munkar)


Methods of approach
• It should be done step by steps (tadrruj)
• Imparting knowledge
• Eradicate ignorance about Islam
• Development of individuals
• Good moral habits