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This video is excellent for those wanting to seek knowledge, pick some skills and tips here, perhaps it may change our attitude in seeking knowledge;

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Tips to gain knowledge
• ikhlas- be sincere for the sake of Allah, and not for praise
• supplicate: best ways to attain good for yourself, and combine with the water of zam zam
• Stay away from sins; it will damage what you memorize.
• effort: no short cut in seeking knowledge
• choosing the best time
• physical position
• Consistent in using one copy of the quran
• Do not stop memorizing the quran
• Consistent reviews and repeat the memoriization
• Quality food: raisins and nuts

Question: What if I am not interested in gaining knowledge?

Answer: Unfortunately the acceptance of deeds depends on the person’s knowledge, I have seen women wearing Hijab not the following the rules of hijab. Well, instead it becomes a fashion. I have seen a person perform his prayer, but he has no tranquilty in his prayers, the solat becomes nulify, and he doesn’t know that. We may do sins, but some do not know that what they are doing is a big sin in Islam.. so the solution learn something beneficial in life.