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Can God has a son

Does god has limitation, let’ take look at god’s point of view:

Some of God’s attributes:
• He has know limits and never stop being God
• He owns the world and creates everything perfect
• He is neither a man nor a son of God

If god has things related to humans than his attributes are weak, if Christian has one God with three attributes, but what happens if one of the attributes dies off. There will be two. If God dies that it is weak. The creator does not have the attributes of humans.

Who is Jesus?
As Muslims we do love Jesus, but does Jesus stated explicitly that he is God, but when did Jesus becomes God. The answer: During the year 325 the roman king converted to Christian and wanted his people the Romans to be Christian but on 25 December 325 the Romans’ celebrate their festive season; the birth of the sun God, so in actual fact Jesus was not born on the 25th December, he was born in Palestine. Unfortunately 98% of Christian didn’t know this information. Jesus is just a prophet to send the message from God of the universe. Humans have no exclusive rights to be appointed as God, the creator, or has the attributes like the creator.


Can we see God?
let’s listen to this debate, perhaps it will open our hearts to the truth.


Let’s listen more about real reverts. May Allah guide you to the truth. Ameen

Rethink hard about your life, it may change you and your love ones… and you will see paradise. insyallah

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