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Arabic language-7 steps to master Arabic

7 steps to master Arabic language

I have taught Arabic for the past 5 years in an Arabic college, and received feedback from some students regarding some issues: The issue forward to me is regarding the inability of students to speak Arabic, with the expectation to be fluent in just a few months, as usual, drop outs in 3 to 6 months, but they forgot that they spend 10 to 15 years of their life learning the English language in school. Since we have never learn the language, the student  staggered to speak and read, it is a hard process.

Are you willing to spare that time span to gain a new language?. Well, may be, but let’s be realistic,

How to learn Arabic language?

It is about speaking, the more you speak the more you gain. Get more practice, speaking Arabic with an Arabic speaking friend. Build circle of friends…just name it, there are many ways to acquire a new language, but it starts from you to think positively.

Listen to some Arabic audios, you need to listen to the pronunciation of Arabic words, and speaking phrase at certain situation. Get to know some phrases spoken in a hotel, in the market, cinemas and so on…

I stated firmly my opinion;

  • Every lesson has some vocabularies which student need to memorize and practice, because the next lesson will consist of added vocabularies, and the more a student procrastinate in picking vocabularies, the more he becomes left out in class, and lesson becomes more difficult. In actual fact the lesson runs once in a week, thus provides ample time for students’ to practice..Well, but we are busy. Yes, it is true. But you need a certain commitment or schedule to practice.
  • Acquisition of vocabulary is a fundamental principle in language. It is a key to gauge a person’s communication skills and knowledge. The expression of words portray a message to the next person, and the pronunciation should be clear and precise to impact a certain standard of educational background. If you travel to the Middle East or indulge in a job there, you may learn faster because the community speaks Arabic in tourist place, market, even to purchasing your ticket.
  • Meeting with businessman to close a deal does help you understand some words they speak, the key is to know their culture and how it works to promote your business and interest, since The Middle East continent is opening up its market, and the recent revolution against the suppression of the poor, Arab countries want a change of a more vibrant economy, you can be a part of that development with a business strategy in mind. Keep in touch with this Arabic society, to gain more insight of current development and opportunities for you. The ability to read Arabic magazine, enhance your portfolio and forecast your business approach to capture business in a modern industrialize Arabic countries.

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How to master Arabic vocabularies:

  • Write vocabularies in two formats, singular and plural, verb present and past tense in a small note book, keep it handy to flip through any time of the day, try to remember some words that you have learn, if you can’t, just flip your note book as a reference. If you learn a new phrase never write the translation directly on top of the Arabic word, but instead write separately under the footnote the translation of the Arabic word. This method helps you to memorize by looking at the Arabic word, rather than the translation.
  • Format words that you have learn into a complete sentence, get it check and mark by your Arabic teacher.
  • Practice pronunciation, by reading some passages in your text books.
  • Write a complete sentence
  • Listen to audio language cd’s or Arabic radio or TV programme. Enroll in some Arabic on line programme.
  • Be an active learner and read more books to enhance your vocabularies.
  • Be patient, there are many lessons to pick up, from transition skills, grammar, speaking etc…. depends on your objective, belief me, the more you learn this language, I guarantee you will understand more and has deeper knowledge than others who just sit at home and waste his time watching TV, you have gain a lot of knowledge with an Arabic programme. The more you know, the better and definitely enhance your wisdom and vision in life.

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