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Introduction: Leadership qualities

What is the meaning of leadership

Leadership is a skill attain due to constant mentoring and becomes a part of a person’s life, which shows results in a form of action, moral values, and achievement.

It is  a process of managing one’s life to be fully responsible, and attain respect from peers not from directing but instead gaining trust because you solve problems and humble to understand colleagues need.

How to develop leadership virtues in an individual.

The leadership virtues starts with the parents, implementing parenting skills

  • Training starts at home, and parents are the sole leader who manage life with a methodology of teaching
  • Parents should lead the family like a politician who manage every aspect of home and individual needs, not through nagging and constant force and pressure, but with wisdom
  • The ability to discuss issues with an open heart and mind
  • The skill to persuade and motivate
  • Communication skills to impart knowledge, ideas via discussion
  • A listening ear to accept feedback from the children and wife
  • Sharing thoughts and activities together as a family
  • Sharing family responsibility
  • Bravery to hear comments and feedback from your wife
  • Be empathy towards your wife constant struggle to cope with family commitments, and support
  • Never drop your spouse idea, bluntly or cursing, (avoid these words) as to gain respect.

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