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Islam; What does moral value implies to man

What does moral value implies to man?

The quality of a person does not depends on qualification and certification, and his great speech and quotes in an assembly of great men,  or the magnificent car he drives and fantastic house he owns. These are material values which only add to boastfulness. Great success in life lies within a person the ability to socialize and communicate with their fellow men, as a humble and decent man. The ability to extend support to man, which comprise of variety of races and religion.
This world is for us to share and distribute wealth, extend peace and develop harmony, but due to the race of wealth, greed creeps in the hearts of men, and evil, tyrant holds the poor, the weakness against a thunder bolt of fire, why, simple.. opportunist and capitalist rules the world. Let’s be frank and understand, that what we have now is due to the hard work rendered by peasants.
The workforce struggle to merely survive with enough money to pay for utilities, and nothing extra in their pockets. Let’s think and realize the great fault that we have done! Parents are working a double work shifts, just to support some bread crumbs at home, Our children are alone at home to discover more entertainment, and left alone to slumber by themselves. They might be in good hands but the chance is slim. What can we do? The globalization has shrink the world to watching entertainment shows and games, Let’s rethink! and reflect the impact towards our teens.
Can we change and diminish this impact?
Yes! Parenting is a skill to impart values to our kids at a young age. But first you need to understand your strength and weakness.Are you giving a bad implication or virtues that entice the kids to follow you? because you are their first mode of interaction, show great moral value and teach our kids how to implement these values in their daily lives.

Let’ discover ourselves through this learning journey



Watch this video clip .
Singer: Ahmad Bukhathir
Title of song: Forgive me when I whine

After watching this video clip, My eyes watered with tears, why? We should be grateful for the blessing bestowed upon us, but whatever, we have now, is provided in the best of form.
“The creator created man in the best of form” Quran
If you become blind, no professor in this world can return back what is lost, and gone forever.  I f your kidney failed to function as normal, the doctor will advice you to take up some pills,  that’s it, Let’s reflect ourselves, and appreciate the blessing, that no wealth can buy over your health, and parts of your body. Let us appreciate the great creation of man, and more…. the water that you drink, the food that you eat,  man has never created something original,  the ideas that man perceived was extracted from the creation, every material that man use is supplied within this planet Earth. OK, that’s fine, sir! but I believe the world existed before man, and there is no creator, ha, ha.. funny, this people has no brain, because, I couldn’t see through their brain, funny how they can think with great boastful words against the almighty. They are just lucky in life, to be clever, during their stage as a baby in the womb of his parent, they might end up in the dust bin, thrown, murdered, aborted by their own parents. no value… a waste of time and money…. killed and eaten by dogs in the streets….
The search begins..
Some Questions linger in my head, I’m stuck here, wandering what to do next, I yelled!, Hi! Can anybody hold my hand please, I’m blind. Walking with a stick with trembling hands, beard unshaven, suddenly somebody I never knew approach me, with a nice gentle voice, stated, Hi dude, let me hold, where do you want to go? I fluttered, I don’t know sir, which is the right path, and I’m lost.  Don’t worry, come to my house, and have a nice hot coffee, I said, thank you! It’s been a hard day for me. I’m confused.
Relax..My brother; sit back, have you taken your dinner, I said No! Just some crumbs. Ok, don’t worry. You are in good hands. My heart tremble and I broke into tears, for years, seldom a person offer a place to sit in a cozy place, and offer some drinks…
This guy is a kind hear ted person.Why?
As I laid sitting on the soft sofa, suddenly I heard some sound;  that I have never heard before. There is a voice of the man talking, but some words that I don’t understand, I wander, what he is up to. I walk slowly without a noise near the room where I heard the sound coming from.  I heard him supplicate softly.
“Oh the Creator of mankind, please forgive me, and my parents and blessed them as they have love and taken care of me, please help this poor man who needs your mercy and kindness, and show him the true path in life and lead him a life of tranquility in this world and after death.This man needs you, please forgive us and lead us to the truth, and clean our hearts and soul!..”Ameen!!
My eyes suddenly watered with tears, and definitely shock with his words, which I had never heard anybody uttered this great supplication for a poor man like me. I hold back my tears and control my feelings.. deep in my heart, I said, “on God I have never supplicate to you,  I abundant my religion years ago, and neglected my duties, to myself and my children, it is really painful to suffer at old age, as what I am going through, no love, no destiny, just blank!…

A person will endure hardships in life, due to some reasons 1. Sometimes it is difficult to resolve a complex situation in life, unless a person rethink and reflect his past experience to gain an insight for future plans. understanding  oneself is a key factor of inspiring the heart and soul.


1 “But who ever turns away from My Reminder (i.e. neither believes In This Qur’ân nor acts on its orders, etc.) Verily, for Him is a life of hardship, and we shall raise Him up blind on the Day of Resurrection.”
He will say:”O My Lord! why have You raised Me up blind, while I had sight (before).”

(Allâh) will say: “Like this, Our Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) came unto you, but You disregarded them (i.e. You left them, did not think deeply In them, and You turned away from them), and so This day, You will be neglected (in the Hell-fire, away from Allâh’s Mercy).”
Quran: 20:124-126


Watch this video clip perhaps it will open your eyes.
Singer: Maher Zain
Title of song: Open up your eyes

What a beautiful song, If only the world could open their eyes and especially their hearts, and manage to understand the secret behind the creations, this world could be a better place to live, with peace and harmony. where man knows the relationship between the Creator and man . and understand the great responsibility in life. I love Allah, and learning about Islam, I just love it, there is no life accept in Islam! and happiness in the day of resurrection.

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